Modern Classics | My Career
Luxury Danish style furniture by Bryan Dibb, master craftsman based in South Fremantle Perth
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My Career

My career began in the early 70’s at Baron’s Interiors,one of only a handful of upmarket furniture retailers in Perth at the time, and introduced me to the art of premium furniture design,where only the highest quality original furniture pieces were stocked.

It was here that I designed and built my first sofa,which was chosen to be advertised in the popular annual sale-and thus began my thirst for a career in high-end furniture upholstery and design.
A few years down the track I was encouraged to make a couple of new designs for Monro Interiors in Subiaco and they were well received in the market.
Around this time I also designed and sold a show-wood jarrah suite at Klan furniture in Willeton and later reinvented it with woven rattan sides and back with cushions in bright Marimekko-style fabrics,which was well suited to the popular evolving family rooms of the era.It was sold by Kings Paddington in Leederville to great success.
After a brief,interesting learning curve in 1984 with the creation of the first Modern Classics in Subiaco,by the late 80’s things must have been rocking along a bit ,as I was renting a factory unit and designing and building for a number of retailers including Modular Furnishings,Monro Interiors,Profile Furnishings,Catt Design and a few interior designers-quite an efffort for a one man show!
After the Stockmarket crash things cooled,and I decided to return to the home workshop to also to provide some stability to my then hectic family life. During this period,I had two designs being sold at Habitat Furnishings and another two successful designs at Webbers.
By the year 2000 I was ready for another shot at retail and keen to apply the experience gained from the first shop,so opened the second Modern Classics store at Kensington.At this store I created a range of tables,footstools,chairs and sofas-many of which were ahead of their time. The tables I made of ply,aluminium tread plate and steel legs.They were quite unique for the time-maybe a Modern Classic?
To this day I’m passionate about designing,engineering and upholstering my own frames for the luxury furniture market.I enjoy working locally from South Fremantle and though I sometimes spend a bit long on production,I know my pieces will be sound for 50 years to follow..

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